Aspirations and Preparations

The magnitude of the job is sinking in for him. The headline caught my attention. White House correspondent Maggie Haberman is talking about Donald Trump. I find it hard to believe. He has run a business and should surely have an idea about the future. But it is not this statement that I want to address. All of us have aspirations. We want better roles and bigger pay packages. While we endlessly strive for these, do we ask ourselves the simple question? Are we ready for what we have asked?

We often see the benefits but not the hardships. The benefits may justify the costs. Often the costs are overlooked. So we fumble in the new role. The lack of help and absence of a guiding hand makes things worse. As a result, we feel increasingly lonely. Having ambition is a good thing. But not readying yourself for what we aspire for is a bad thing. The wise has always told us. Be careful about what you wish. The worst is not that you will be disappointed. Instead, you get what you wanted. But you are ill-equipped to do what you wished for.


  1. Well said, Nona, "Be careful about what you wish." It remind's me of Midas story. :)

    1. Well said. Midas story is a good example.


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