Pappettan moves in

At work, you perform various roles. Usually, you play a role for a brief period and then move on to another position. The lesser blessed ones have to carry out multiple functions at the same time. There comes a time when you have to hand over your responsibilities to another person as part of moving on. If you are fortunate, the handover happens when there is no relevance for the role. If you are unfortunate, it happens during the peak of the project because of constraints. These limitations can be anything from a contractual end, a new project that is awaiting to you, conflicts with another team member, etc. Recently, I watched Pappettan moving into a new role.

Pappettan is one of the unfortunate ones. The project was not progressing the way the right way. The manager in charge wanted to move to a new role. Pappettan came in to take charge. I was present when the manager in charge made the announcement to a broader audience.

Manager in Charge: *seriously* There is a new member in this meeting. Pappettan. Pappettan will take up my responsibility.

All heads turn to Pappettan. Pappettan gives everyone an acknowledging nod and a great smile.

Manager in Charge: *continues* There are multiple reasons for the extension. So my plans to join elsewhere were temporarily halted.

Everyone is confused at this point.

Manager in Charge: *keeping a straight face* I looked around to find a suitable person. But I couldn't find anyone ignorant to say "Yes."

The audience reacts in various ways - nervous smiles, laughter, tension.

Manager in Charge: *hitting the final nail* Finally, I found Pappettan. He will be replacing me.

There is a sudden silence.

Pappettan: *smiles and introduces himself* Consider me as an upgrade. A better and newer version of Manager in Charge.

I quickly looked away to hide my smile. There was a sudden wave of laughter and small talk in the crowd.

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