Photos: A bridge in Stourhead

The Bridge on River Kwai
A Bridge Too Far
The Girl on the Bridge
The Bridges of Madison County
The Lover on the Bridge

The last one is a lousy translation of a French title which is romantic and musical in the original. You might have already understood these are all names of famous movies. It doesn't take long for one to realize the common denominator, the bridge. What is behind our fascination towards bridges? To be honest, I can't recall any books which have this word in the title. I can recollect the names of the movies or even iconic photographs. 

A structure over an obstacle is defined as a bridge in a simplistic way. A bridge is about problem-solving. The bridge plays a significant role in romance. We read about lovers meeting on a bridge. We anticipate the kiss between lovers on a bridge. There are men who goes down on their knees to propose on a bridge. There are bridges where people get married too. If you are surprised, then you haven't heard about Stourhead. Situated at the source of River Stour in Wiltshire, there is a bridge, a mansion and a whole lot of things in Stourhead.

The bridge is one of beautiful sights to be seen here. The bridge is there not for connectivity between two sides but for adding beauty to the place. From the bridge, you can see the Palladian mansion. You can take breathtaking pictures of the bridge at any time of the day. Even a lazily composed shot ends up being a beautiful one. There are other things to do at Stourhead. You can walk around the estate. There is a nice little restaurant over here too.


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