Redundant. We hear this term often in our daily lives. There are no layoffs. People are no longer fired but made redundant. A layer of misdirection takes the distaste away. If you are not affected, the distractive method works on you. The misery of affected cannot be distracted by misdirection. The announcement of snap general elections has kicked off efforts to appease the public in the UK. Yesterday, Corbyn and May were showering insults at each other.

Today, Corbyn wants to take on the cosy cartel. I understand the enthusiasm to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor. As a result, Corbyn wants a fair system. But why is he using the term "cosy cartel"? Aren't cartels formed because of shared interests? Isn't it akin to cozying up?

I wanted to find out what is used to describe two words appearing side by side but meaning the same thing. I was surprised to find redundancy as the term. It also means that I have forgotten the actual meaning of the word and has started associated it with something else. If you go through such usages, you will also be surprised to find that you may already be using them in your daily conversations. Have a good laugh at your mistakes and change.


  1. In the name of strong economy, strong organisation people are made redundant. People forget that people are living, breathing organisms with emotion, with commitment, a duty to food on the table. People feel hurt even if they find another job. This may be true in Western Economies where population is low and opportunities are high. In less privileged part of the world, a redundant individual may get very helpless.

    1. My idea of the post was not related to job redundancies and implications. I understand your view points and I do agree this is a very sensitive topics. I was addressing what a redundancy actually means and also a better way of expressing ourselves. Sometimes, we combine two words which means the same thing to highlight urgency. It is actually not needed.

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    1. No worries. I don't get much comments in this blog post. So you are welcome


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