God and Giant Corporations are alike

God has a plan for you. You pray to God. Sometimes there are conditions in your prayers. Sometimes, the prayers are unconditional though I can't imagine why would any deny themselves an opportunity to barter with God. But you feel that your prayers have fallen on deaf ears. You are granted the wish after a long passage of time. It makes you realize that God's plans and your plan didn't have the same timelines. You wanted to crash the schedule whereas God had a realistic timetable. The giant corporations are the nouveau Gods. They have a plan for you. If you don't believe it, please listen to this tale. Trust me. I didn't spin it out of my imagination. It is a real story. It is not inspired by a real event. It is the real thing. 

As with all stories on this blog, I am the narrator but not the protagonist. My life is a sad story of being the bridesmaid but never the bride. I think I have milked enough sympathy. So let's move forward. My friend is the protagonist in the story, and he was not happy when I met him. I played the part of a concerned friend. I asked him what the matter was. He started cursing the various internal IT systems in his company. If you have worked in a giant corporation, then you are familiar with the various internal IT systems. You have different systems for claims, travel, appraisal, tracking time, etc. They are all integrated into one portal. So far so good. But the portal or the parts of it black out regularly. As a result, it's hard to accomplish anything at times. An unavailable system was bugging my friend on that day.

I understand my friend's pain. To pacify him, I asked a simple question. What is so urgent that it can't wait a day? I was taken aback by his reaction. He gave me the Nagavalli look. If you are wondering what that look is, then please scroll to 0:40 on the below video.

It is quite an intimidating look. After all, Shobhana won the National Award for this role. I gathered my wits with great difficulty and repeated the question. He replied. I have to tender my resignation, but the damn application is not working. I understand the criticality here. You have to put your papers in at the right time so that you can join the next company on time with no gap in employment and no loss of income. Remember what I said about God and giant corporations. They are alike. You might have a plan, but it does not align with theirs.

Photo Courtesy: Qfamily