Movie Review: Contratiempo

Contratiempo is a Spanish movie which is released as The Invisible Guest internationally. How does Contratiempo which means a setback gets translated into the invisible guest? I am not a fluent Spanish speaker and has to depend on online translation tools which may dilute the meaning. However, if we analyze the movie with the setback as the meaning, the title makes sense. The movie revolves around Adrián Doria played by Mario Casos who is facing a series of setbacks. Adrián is the news for two reasons. His tech company is making giant strides.  At the same time, he is charged with the murder of his mistress.

Contratiempo is a difficult film to categorize. There is an undercurrent of suspense as we are kept guessing what is happening. But is it a drama or a thriller? This ambiguity is much to the credit of the director Oriol Paulo. He kicks off the movie with an interview between the accused, Adrián, and a defense attorney Virginia Goodman. As we move into the movies, the motives of the characters become suspect. The movie centers around the interrogation of Adrián by Virginia with a lot of flashbacks where we come to know about that led to the present.

Contratiempo is an engaging film which tells us how devious some people are and what length they would go to preserve their lifestyle. But it is not these facts that linger in your mind after the movie. The cast was unknown to me before the viewing. I wonder what would have been the effect on me if these actors were familiar to me. Will the suspense still work on me? Are these faces recognizable for Spanish movie audiences? If so, how did they react to the movie. If you have not seen many Spanish films, then I recommend this to you. I am sure you will have the same thoughts as me after seeing the film. 

Language: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****