Pappettan on compliance

I was with Pappettan at a local watering hole, quenching our thirst after a very long day. The summer has been very kind and pleasant on that particular day. As a result, there was a good turnout. The noise levels climbed as the level marks in the barrels inched down. It was a good day to start a conversation with a stranger. On a typical day, we only needed a subtle increase in spirits to do such thing. This day was no typical day, and there were a copious amount of spirits involved.

Stranger: *friendly* So what do you do?

Me: *quickly* I am into computers. And you?

Stranger: *enthusiastically* I am into compliance.

Me: *eager to know more* Do you audit projects?

Stranger: *disdain slowly creeping in* No. I ensure there is no compliance.

Me: *shocked initially but recovers quickly* You mean you make sure the various activities are compliant and hence there is no non-compliance.

Stranger: *patience wearing off* Well, I make sure there is... you know... compliance.

Pappettan: *senses trouble and interferes* It is simple.

At this point, the stranger and I are happy to take eyes off each other and listen to Pappettan.

Pappettan: *explains* Our friend over here politely tells how people are screwing up their activities. That is what compliance is all about.

I understand compliance now.

Photo Courtesy: Dave Emerson