Books: Braving the Wilderness

We long to belong. In our daily lives, we wish to be a part of something. We make compromises along the journey to belong. Brené Brown introduces the phrase "true belonging" and helps us understand how we can stand out and yet blend in without risking our values and principles. Since all of us seek true belonging, it naturally ignites curiosity. But I was not impressed by the book because it tried many things without leaving a significant impact. I failed to connect with the single underlying theme.

To achieve true belonging, Brené Brown proposes a framework termed as "Braving." It is a useful framework. But instead of explaining the framework authoritatively, she becomes a researcher-storyteller, a coin termed by her and I came across while watching one of her videos on youtube. As a result, the book has a heavy dose of research and anecdotes. Though these stand out individually to capture our interest, it fails to weave together a strong narrative as a book. 

I would recommend the framework but not the book. Instead, you may watch videos or interviews of Brené Brown. By doing so, I am sure you will get an account of the various stories mentioned in the book.


  1. Just watched a video featuring her. Can't thank you enough Nona for sharing this. God bless you!


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