Cornwall: One more time

Note: This post is the first in a series about my travel to Cornwall. 

A early morning view of the harbor in Falmouth.
The British obsess over the weather. It is a well-known fact. We all get carried away by this obsession and end up taunting the British climate even when we had not ever set foot on this island. The constant moaning diverts our attention from what is staring at your face. Britain is beautiful. The weather gods experiments with the sky as their canvas. The motorways might steadily be under repair thereby prolonging the journey time. But there are A roads which are more picturesque and let you reach your destination in a lesser distance but in a longer time. But a perfect vacation in Britain is like a performance of an orchestra. The various instrumentalists in this band are you with your time and state of mind, weather, and traffic. 

My first tryst with Cornwall was through Great Western Railway. My journey from Reading to Swindon and London to Reading were all abroad trains bound for Cornwall. During my drive through Cornwall, the names of the cities brought back memories of the train journeys. The trains are long-distance trains. As these trains are never crowded, it is impossible to engage in my favorite pastime of unobtrusive observation of fellow passengers. So I ended up admiring the beautiful countryside and the skies. Thanks to my gazing outside the window for a good half an hour every working day, I have become one of the authoritative voices on the beauty of Britain. Our numbers are not huge. What we lack in numbers, we make up with our passion.

I had visited Cornwall in 2015. Fortunately for me, it was a great weekend with the sun shining the brightest but not the hottest. A few months before visiting Cornwall in 2015, I visited the English Riviera on a rainy weekend. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Riviera? The French Riviera. What are the other images? The impressive clothes, expensive cars, clear skies and soothing breeze. Now imagine lack-luster buildings, deserted roads, cold weather and annoying drizzles. All the disappointment of French Riviera vanished when I stepped foot on the Newquay beach. The color of the water and a radiant sun gave me an out of the world experience. 

Once is never enough. So there was a burning desire to go back again. As a photographer, it might give me another chance to capture the beauty. When you chase the beauty of nature, it is never enough. I have completed my second visit to Cornwall. The yearning for one more time has not subsided. The visit to Cornwall resembled my grand plan for life. We had a general view of what to do but not a specific plan. To accomplish as many things as possible, my wife dipped her head into the phone and pulled out a place after research. She picked up Boscastle, and the navigational unit was set accordingly. Little did I know, Boscastle was a part of Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.