Fair Play, a lesson in parenting

What is fair play? In brief, it is a complex topic with simple definitions. We all struggle to be fair all through our lives. As a parent, you strive to be fair. Eventually, it is a learning experience. In the past, I came across this balancing act when a colleague and a father of twin girls narrated his daily struggles to deal fairly. He had to make a mental note of everything. Who sat in the chair last time? If this one used the chair yesterday, then her sister sits on it today. Consequently, it was a lot of work. As that time, I was glad I would never run into this predicament as I had only my daughter. But now she has a brother. Thereupon, I am sensing a change in the direction in which the wind blows. Who would have thought this realization will dawn on me as a result of a photograph?

How do you get away with this? A friend asked me. I raised my eyebrows quizzing what she was referring to by stating "this." Then she explained. You have two kids. But the wallpaper on the phone is a picture of your son. I looked at my phone. It was a beautiful picture. Of course, I was the photographer, and I was proud of my creation. In fact, I am proud of all my creations. In this particular case, the subject and the picture are both my creations. I use my iPhone for a group picture while I use a real camera for individual portraits. The individual portraits turn out to be better than the ones taken using the phone, and hence I use the former as wallpapers for my phone. When I use a personalized photo, it is easy to identify my phone even before typing in the password. My friend broke me out of my reverie by a question. Doesn't your daughter complain? I acknowledged negative by shaking my head. She continued. My kids question me if I put only one of their picture. As a result, I have to put a picture where both are there. I nodded sympathetically.

I dismissed the conversation immediately. How can a simple wallpaper create issues? Moreover, my daughter is not interested in pictures. She is mostly annoyed when I approach her with my camera.  As her brother has not reached the age of contempt and rebellion, I am happy to try my photographic skills on him. Recently, I caught my daughter staring at my phone. After a while, she said. You haven't changed this picture for a long time. It was a correct assertion. It has been a while since I took pictures of her brother. So I had not changed my wallpaper for a long while. After hearing my explanation, she questioned further. Why don't you have a picture of me as the wallpaper?

Fair Play. Karma. Life. All are difficult subjects.

Photo Courtesy: Jason Rosenberg