Books: The Power of Moments

All of us have defining moments in our life. These moments are so etched in our memories that we recount them with enthusiasm to our friends. In the pangs of despair, we are ready to trade anything to revisit some of these moments. In this book, the Heath brothers namely Chip and Dan, tell us about the power of these defining moments. Furthermore, they also show us how to create such moments in our lives, both professional and personal.

Anyone can summarize the importance of defining moments and the way in which to create these moments in a few pages. So it is a difficult task to keep the reader engrossed and glued to the power. For this purpose, the authors dedicate a majority of the book into four section corresponding to the four elements which create moments. At the end of each section, there is a summary and a clinic. You can use the former as a cheat sheet while the latter gives you a scenario to practice. Moreover, each of these sections has numerous examples taken from individuals and companies.

You can finish the book on a long haul flight. That is how simple and engaging the book is. All of us know the power of moments as we all have experienced it. But we may struggle with creating those moments for others. It is here the books helps us. We can use these principles and hacks in both our personal and professional life.