Pappettan calls a friend

When Pappettan contacted a friend over the phone during the weekend, he was greeted by the friend's wife. Surprised by the unexpected turn of events, Pappettan decided to unravel the mystery.

Pappettan: *confesses* To tell you the truth, I was expecting the friend to pick up the phone.

Friend's Wife: *explains* I know. Your friend is supposed to pick up the phone. But he is acting weird.

Pappettan: *responds* Is that true?

Friend's Wife: *worries* He has left his mobile on the table. He refuses to look at the mobile when it is ringing although it is always within reach.

Pappettan: *listens*

Friend's Wife: *in a conspiratorial tone* I was suspicious and picked up the phone to check who is calling. Since I saw it was your call, I decided to answer.

Pappettan: *inquires* Is the phone on silent mode?

Friend's Wife: *answers* Yes.

Pappettan: *reassures* Then there is nothing weird in his behavior.

Friend' Wife: *exclaims* Why do you say that? Do you know the reason?

Pappettan: *in a matter of fact tone* Yes, I do know the reason.

Friend's Wife: *pleads* Tell me, please.

Pappettan: *in a wise man tone* He just wants to spend the day with you. He doesn't wish to be disturbed.

Friend's Wife: *listens*

Pappettan: *signs off* Now, you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Hawk