Pappettan helps to write a business email

An acquaintance looked worried when Pappettan and myself bumped into him. As a result, he didn't notice us. Nevertheless, we approached him and initiated a conversation.

Pappettan: *with oodles of empathy* Why are you looking worried?

Acquaintance: *sounding stressed* My boss has asked me to draft an email.

Pappettan: *in a comforting manner* You always compose emails for your boss so that he can cut and copy. How come you are worried to do so this time?

Acquaintance: *still worked up* My boss wants to communicate to a CXO. It is many pay grades above me. I have never done it in the past.

Pappettan: *patiently* An opportunity. Isn't it?

Acquaintance: *worried* What do I write? What if I get it wrong?

Pappettan: *listening and not reacting*

Acquaintance: *explains by playing the victim* I have already worked on PowerPoint presentation for the CXO. My boss has to send the ppt with a covering note. Now, he has me to draft the covering note.

Pappettan: *energized* Oh. So you have a ppt and a covering note.

Acquaintance: *looking up to Pappettan for solutions with hope* Yes

Pappettan: Then the email should be concise and straightforward.

Acquaintance: *confused*

Pappettan: *like a sage* The email should contain the ppt. The subject should say. "PFA. Please do the needful."

Photo Courtesy: Jurgen Appelo