Pappettan explains the consequences of misspelling

I was furious when a friend misspelled my name in an email. I confronted him when I met him. Pappettan also happened to be there at the site of my showdown with the friend.

Me: *angrily* How can you get my name wrong?

Friend: *shocked at my angry outburst*

Me: *spitting fire* There are only four letters, and you can't get it right.

The friend becomes silent and looks around to find a hole in the earth to disappear. Luckily, Pappettan intervenes at this point.

Pappettan: *calmly* Hold it.

Me: *breathing hard because of anger*

Pappettan: *smiling* Is your name so important that it warrants such a reaction?

Me: *finally calms down*

Pappettan: *turns to the friend* You need to be careful.

Friend: *nods*

Pappettan: *explains* You can get into trouble if you misspell a name:

Friend: *surprised* How?

Pappettan: *narrates* I have seen an official email introducing a new team member. The new team member's name was Alan. The sender interchanged two letters, and people thought the sender was talking about new team member's behavior.

Pappettan told us about the resulting name. But I will let you figure it out yourself.

Photo Courtesy: Rishi S