Adam and Apple, an iPhone story

Apple is trouble. An apple a day might keep the doctor away. But mention apple to Adam and Eve. Atalanta who wanted to remain single because of apples. Aphrodite showed Paris of Troy a glimpse Helen of Sparta for an apple. You can explore mythology and religion to find many such references. Although purists may argue that Apple was a generic term for fruits, I am voting apple as a troublemaker. If you are wondering why I am taking such a stand, you should listen to the modern day Apple which has caused havoc in the life of a young man. When his life was making a right turn, a new version of iPhone came out. A few days later the phone hit the stores; he succumbed like Adam. Adam ate the apple while modern-day Adam bought the new Apple phone. There ends the similarity between these Adams. In all other angles, this story is different.

The modern-day Adam is different from the first man. He never asked God for a companion. Instead, Adam lived like a bird, never worried about tomorrow and flying from one place to another.  Somewhere along the journey, he met Eve. She was beautiful. If she were not externally beautiful, Adam would not have liked her. If she were not internally beautiful, Eve would not have done what followed. They moved in together. She made a home out of his bachelor pad. After the house became habitable, she noticed his financial situation was not in good shape. She painfully worked out a financial rescue plan for him. After Adam sticking to the plan for months with help from Eve, he was close to the turnaround point. Eve hinted on vacation when the debt was over. At that time, Apple announced the latest iPhone.

I don't have to spell out the rest of the story for you. I had revealed the end at the beginning. As with any breakup, the end was not immediate. Nor was the drift gradual. It was two grownups realizing the end, talking it face to face and moving away. The modern-Adam is a dear friend, and hence, this tale is a saddening one for me. It took me a while to compose this for public consumption since I didn't want to be labeled more insensitive than what I am in real life. But I also wanted to write this tale for fear of my memory failing me in my old age. There is an even higher purpose. It is a lesson to all of us. One of them is about holding on to a keeper.

Photo Courtesy: Salvatore Barbera


  1. So Apple iPhone replaced Eve.
    Such is the reality of our times.
    We love things & not people...

    1. Many thanks for commenting. When you comment, I realize there was a lot of things in my mind which didn't translate to words and finally to the reader. iPhone replacing Eve is a oversimplification. But the love for things and the urge to keep upgrading gadgets (which you mentioned) is the root cause. I prefer to say iPhone was the reason for the breakup. As a result, he ended up with iPhone and not Eve.


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