Apparently. It means as far as one knows or can see. Despite knowing this word, I hardly use it in any conversations or communications. There is only one person that I know who uses this adverb. My daughter. I find her usage of this word endearing and gratifying.

It is easier to explain the gratifying part. Whenever my daughter says this word, I feel that I am providing her with the best education in my means. It is strange how certain words make us think in a certain way.  The endearing part is difficult to explain. But I will give it a try. She uses this word to describe something to me. It always starts with one of my inane questions. Before she says this word, she looks into a distance, organizes her thoughts, lines conjures up on her forehead, and words form slowly. It takes only a few microseconds. But I melt like butter in those microseconds and stay like that for minutes.

After seeing the same face for years, I started sporting a beard for a change. I have been busy with work and traveling as per the work demands. As a result, there were no social interactions, and so, the beard went unnoticed. Anxious to get feedback, I approached my daughter and asked, "Do you like my beard?" She gave me a look indicating that I am weird and replied, "No" I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed. While I was recovering from the disappointment, she dropped the Apparently bomb.

"Apparently, mom likes the beard."

Photo Courtesy: Jon Southcoasting


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