Pappettan questions the right time

There are no boundaries between work and life. When you are work, you are thinking of life and vice versa. How many times does one have to sacrifice the leisurely weekend for work? Although I am not sure if this phenomenon is global, many amusing conversations sprout out of this predicament. Needless to say that Pappettan and myself were in the middle of such a discussion. Like every tale that has been labeled under Pappettan, we were in the periphery a first. Then, a comment dragged us into being part of the conversation.

The conversation unfolded between two of our acquaintances on a Friday. The topic was hardly about planning festivities during the weekend. Instead, they discussed meeting in a coffee shop to continue working on a subject that needs to be presented next week.

Acquaintance 1: *sounding apologetic* You may have plans during the weekend. So why don't you go home and find out which will be the likely time for you to meet during the weekend?

Acquaintance 2: *thinks about the request*

Acquaintance 1: *explains the situation* Your family might need you. But there may lean times like immediately after lunch or early morning hours. I am okay to meet at that time.

Acquaintance 2: *understands the request* Let me go home and find out if it is all good there or bad. Then I will plan the meeting.

Pappettan: *politely intervenes* good or bad?

Acquaintance 2: *slight irritation in the voice* Yes, the situation at home.

Pappettan: *with a naughty smile* So if it is good, you will stay? And if it is bad, you will plan the meeting?

I will not reveal my friend's answer, but I have a question for you. What would do in such a situation?

Picture Courtesy: TLC Jonhson


  1. One of my colleagues from my previous company started coming unusually early and leaving a bit late all of a sudden. We were blessed with a caring kind hearted manager. After a couple of weeks, mid-lunch, the manager made a playful remark to iron out issues with his (colleagues) new wife :)


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