Bannerghatta National Park

This turned out to a ideal picnic idea for Sunday. So, the planning started on Friday. After pitching in the idea to friends and family, I was able to enlist 6 people including me (4 adults and 2 kids).

Although we planned to start at 7 am in the morning, the late night party on Saturday and subsequent hangover made us start at 9:30 am. After a sumptuous breakfast at Cafe Terra, we started for the park at 11 am.

Getting there was easy. We took Hosur Road and cut across to Bannerghatta road using Mysore Road. It was a hot Sunday and they have ample parking lots there.

The office was 5 minutes away from the parking lot. Reaching there, we found many packages available. We opted for the Grand Safari and the zoo.

Grand Safari takes you into the jungle on a KSTDC minibus. The buses are green in color and have grills outside the windows in order to prevent tourists from reaching out. They have provided small opening which you can use to shoot a picture of the animals.

The jungle is divided into three levels for the purpose of safari. The first level features various kinds of deers while the second level have bears. Tigers and lions inhabit the third level In order to get into the second and third level, you have to go through electrified enclosure guarded by two gates. They open the gate at one side to let you in while the other remains closed. Once you are in the enclosure, they close the first gate and open the second gate to let you inside the jungle. This builds up excitement factor. They have dug trenches between second and third level.

We spotted deer, bears, tigers and a lion. A bear was walking on the road and the driver parked the bus close to the bear. At another occasion, we saw 4 bears lying under a tree and taking an early afternoon nap. There were white tigers and normal ones taking a mud bath. I was able to capture that moment on my camera. We spotted a lion. But the lion was so far away and we had to strain to catch a glimpse.

There are concrete cages built for the tigers and lions. Judging by what I saw, the safety factor for the park officials are low. The bus drivers are very familiar with route and also where to find these animals. They stop at all major sighting areas so that the tourists can take photographs.

The tour lasted an hour. After the tour, we went into the zoo. There were parrots (parakeets), ducks, storks, crocodiles, langur, elephants, zebra and panther. All of us stayed away from snakes section.

On the way back, we took the Bannerghatta Road. We reached back in Bangalore by 5 pm after having a good time in the park.

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How to get there?

  1. Hosur Road towards south, Exit to Mysore Road towards west, Exit to Bannerghatta Road towards south
  2. Bannerghatta Road towards south
  3. KSRTC bus. Route 365. (Cheap and Plenty)

What to do?

  1. Safari (different kinds)
  2. Zoo
  3. Elephant joy ride

What to wear?

It is hot out there mostly. I advice you to wear shorts. Try layered clothing in case you visit during the rains or winter.