Srirangapatnam is the former capital of Tipu Sultan. After visiting Melkote, we left for Srirangapatnam, which was around 35 kms away. The roads were in good condition and we reached within an hour.


Our first stop was Dariya Daulat Bagh. This was Tipu’s Summer Palace and is situated in the middle of well maintained garden. Inside the palace, the walls are painted with depictions of various wars of Hyder Ali (Tipu’s father) and Tipu Sultan. Inside the museum, there are pictures of famous personalities and forts during the Tipu era. There is a life sized picture of Prince Tipu too.

After seeing the Summer Palace, we were all hungry. We found a resort, Amblee Holiday Resort overlooking the waters of Cauveri. The resort houses turkeys and ducks for the amusement of the visitors. We had a great lunch right by the Cauveri river.

DSC01564 DSC01562

After lunch, we left for Sangama. Sangama marks the point where two branches of Cauvery unites. They have a Siva linga placed in the river to mark the place of union. You can touch this Siva linga by going in a round boat. The locals charge Rs 100 for a ride and a round boat can carry 5 people. Make sure you bargain with them as it is a very short ride lasting couple of minutes.

We visited Gumbaz after Sangama. This is Tipu’s mausoleum. Like the Summer Palace, the mausoleum lies in the middle of a well maintained garden. After Gumbaz, we visited the Obelisk, marking the spot where Tipu’s body was found and identified after storming of Srirangapatnam by the British. Before bidding goodbye to the former capital city, we spent some time by the Wellesley bridge.

DSC01587 DSC01594

How to get there?

  1. Take Mysore Road (SH17) to Srirangapatnam via Maddur and Mandya.

What to do there?

  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Sri Ranganathaswamy temple
  3. Captain Bailey’s Dungeon
  4. The Oblelisk
  5. Dariya Daulat Baug
  6. Gumbaz
  7. Sangama
  8. Dodda Ghosai Ghat

What to wear?

It is hot out there mostly. I advice you to wear shorts. Try layered clothing in case you visit during the rains or winter.


  1. As you said it can be hot & sultry, I generally prefer to head to the Hills during these times. You seem to have missed the famous Ranganath swamy temple (vishnu in sleeping pose) in Srirangaptna (or is it srirangapatnam? as you put it)

  2. @Vaz
    It was a bunch of colleagues trying to get away from the monotonous deadlines. :)

    We had beer during lunch and the temple is a no-no after alcohol. :) Now, since you mention about vishnu in sleeping pose, I am curious to see that. May be I will take my family out just to see the temple.

    All the signs say Srirangapatnam.

  3. Yes indeed you should Nona. There are three Dwaras(doors), one at the sreecharana, one at the Nabhi and one at the Shira.

    As i remember, it's a must see :)


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