Hospitals, Cardiologists, Angioplasty redux

The heat in Secunderabad is bearable mainly due to the air conditioning system. What makes life difficult over here is the two hours of scheduled power outage. The power outage starts at 12 pm when the sun is right above our head!

My father-in-law got admitted for angioplasty on last Thursday. While my uncle’s admission into the hospital was a reactive one, my father-in-law’s is a preventive one! The doctor performed the angioplasty on the date of admission itself. I reached Hyderabad on Friday morning.

I was surprised to find a happy, healthy and rejuvenated father-in-law walking across the room when I visited him. The angioplasty was done by cutting a vein on his arms as against a vein on the thigh. Using the vein in the arms is less tiring and more modern than the other method.

Amrita Hospital in Cochin uses the “thigh” method while Care Hospital in Hyderabad uses the “arm” method. Both these hospitals perform more than 2 dozens of these procedures daily! I do not want to know the “success ratio”!

After a quiet weekend, I will be starting for Bangalore soon with my family; thus marking the end of (bachelor) days.