Riding a bike

“Can I?”, I asked my friend. We intended to watch a movie in Innovative multiplex. Innovative is around 20 minutes away and we decided to go on my friend’s bike. As soon as I saw the bike, I couldn’t resist asking permission to ride. My friend handed over the keys reluctantly. He was relieved later when he found out I was carrying my license with me.

My friend explained the gears to me - 1st downwards and the rest upwards. I was used to this gear type since I owned and rode an Yamaha 10 years back. Yamaha has similar gear type. I tried to start the engine after getting on the bike. No matter what I tried, the bike refused to come alive. I was sweating lightly.

My friend, who was watching my humiliation till then, screamed. “Oh no! We have not turned on the ignition”. I glared at him to indicate my displeasure although I should have checked the ignition before venturing out for this adventure!

I put on my friend’s helmet after starting the bike. We rode towards the multiplex. As soon as I touched 60 kmph on Outer Ring Road, cold air found a way into my exposed parts of my face . The night was cold and the cold air on my face relaxed me. I never went beyond 60 kmph.

I took the service road when we were closer to the multiplex. It turned out to be an harrowing experience because of the speed breakers. Riding on the speed breakers was challenging after 10 years. The engine died when I was right on top of one of the speed breakers. I released the clutch immediately to restart the bike while it was moving. The bike started without putting me to further shame in front of my friend.

We reached the multiplex safely. When I dismounted from the bike, I was a little disappointed. 10 years back, helmets were not compulsory. So you could ride a bike without a protective shield. The wind blows on your face. There are no words to describe the feeling. This is no longer the case. But if you are somebody important, then you still can get away without wearing an helmet!

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