Jack & Jill causes havoc

Yeah! Two little kids! They went up the hill and got into trouble. No matter what the naughty wants you to believe, the true story is different. They went up to fetch a pail of water. They were unsuccessful in their mission. Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling down.

Upon reading this, you have realized the perils a pail of water can put you in. Earlier this month, I went through a lot of trouble to get this pail of water for my home! Yesterday, a group of grown-ups at work went through humiliation because of Jack and Jill.

This group was in a conference room. Our conferences are colorful affair. We have people from different locations, culture and also accents joining in the call. In the middle of solving a problem, one of them began to hum “Jack & Jill”. Since the song is contagious, others joined in.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a …

And at this line, there were stuck. Jack and Jill were fetching water. But what were they carrying? Bucket? Like a corrupted audio CD, the tracks begin to skip and the chorus was interrupted. After trying out the various available options, they starting consulting with their friends in other cubicles.

I was also woken up from my pretense (of working) and was asked the same question. Pat came the reply, “a pail of water”. None of them believed me! So I had to recite it for them from start to finish. The intelligent bunch did not notice that I have bungled about Jill tumbling down in my recital! The ungrateful bunch sliced the situation and came up with their inference.

“You have a kid who goes to school!”

Come on! Give me some respect!

PS: I remembered this from my daughter’s school books. Still, why can’t I get some respect?

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  1. you opened my eyes between the lines that there is a possibilties for a change of story hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. @shilpa - Thanks for dropping by.
    :) Yes. There are different variants of this going around!

  3. Tsk tsk, so ultimately you had to recite nursery rhymes to earn respect from your colleagues! Actually theres another version that says that they went to fetch a pail of water, dont know what they did but came back with a daughter.

  4. I take it that your colleagues are not Hindi movie fans. There is a new song about jack and jill in "The paying guest" movie. I liked Aparna's version better.

  5. @Jarlin - Thanks for dropping by and also for the encouraging words.

    @Aparna - Even after reciting nursery rhymes, they are not giving me any respect! I have heard the version of coming back with a daughter. But I did not want to elaborate on this. So I limited it to "naughty". :)

    @Jyothi - I don't think they have seen "Paying Guest". :)

  6. :-) You have a very happening office there.. Keep the stories rolling..

  7. It is funny.Imagine one has to go back to nursery rhymes at work.

  8. I was quite fond of the naughty one..it was the most happening rhyme when we were in school!! keeping the kid alive at work good good!

  9. @Swatantra - Thanks. :)

    @JD - Yes! It is a happening office. :)

    @BKC - Thanks. :)

    @Sujata - Seems like there are a lot of fans of the naughty version. :)


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