Movie: Robinhood

Venki(Prithviraj) robs Automatic Teller Machine(ATM) using fake debit cards. He has been operating out of Kochi for the past three months and IBI bank is the target of all these robberies.

ACP Harris(Jayasurya) is in charge of the investigation. But the managing director of the bank, Nandakumar Menon(Biju Menon) is not happy with the way the investigations are proceeding as the cops have been harassing the existing customers. The bank authorities have ruled out a problem in their systems as the same system is used by other banks. The other banks are not yet a target. All the transactions done by the robber has been using a debit card. How did the thief get hold of the 4 digit pin numbers of the customers?

Nandakumar Menon decides to conduct investigation in parallel with the cops. So, he summons Alexander Felix(Narain). Felix is an unkempt young man who opted out of IPS. On the first day, he oversleeps on the train and does not get down at Kochi. But appearances are deceptive. Beneath the surface, Felix is a sharp investigator. In order to assist him, the bank also appoints a senior systems manager, Roopa(Bhavana). Felix and Roopa moves into the IBI guesthouse. The IBI guesthouse is right across Venki’s apartment. Slowly, the trio begins a friendship. The rest of the story focuses on what happens to the three friends, how Felix succeeds in finding the ATM thief and what is the story behind Venki’s hatred towards IBI!

Joshiy directs this movie and he fails to give us an interesting movie. He is handicapped with a weak script where nothing happens at all through out the movie. When something happens, it evokes a sense of déjà vu.  We have seen the same twists in countless movies! The action scenes suck especially since this comes in right after Puthiya Mugham!

Prithviraj stands out because of his screen presence. Narain tries to rise above the script. Bhavana has no scope to act and she looks tired! Jayasurya is miscast as the ACP.

Avoid this unless you are Prithviraj fan and ready to invest time for seeing Prithviraj walking in and out of ATMs!

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *

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  1. And then there was lousy CG. At places, Narain's tone & actions doesn't match. To make a distinction between hero & a support cast, even a 'sharp investigating officer' makes stupid moves ... blah blah blah ...

  2. @Laks - Don't be hard on Narain. :) The movie was lousy despite your hero's best efforts to look cool!

  3. your rating is right!! From the story i will also rate the same!!


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