iPod that controls nearly everything

The first surprise in the room was the voyeur’s delight. Once that sank in, I noticed an iPod on the side table near the phone. The previous tenant might have left this behind. As I have also left behind numerous valuables while vacating a hotel room, I immediately called up the reception to inform them of the valuable-left-behind scenario. The attendant at the other end of the phone stifled a laugh. Then he informed me, “Sir, that is iPod for controlling the TV and the lights!”. I was shocked!

I played with the iPod for the next few minutes. The attendant was right. The iPod could control the lights and the TV. It had access to repositories of movies and songs too. The iPod had two more features that were not functional yet. Those are for ordering food and controlling the doors! Very soon, the hotel is going to introduce these features too.

See below for the amateur videos of the iPod. This was taken in Sayaji Hotel, Pune.

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  1. Hey!!!! What :-O :-O That deserves a big WOW!!! Cool!! I am impressed :)

  2. Technology is fast catching up, I feel like a relic!

  3. Cool stuff! I would feel horribly out of place in that hotel. I am useless when it comes to such things.

  4. A gizmo in a Sayyaji Hotel was surprising! ITC's Sonar Bangla where I stayed a few years ago had similar interesting features.


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