Books: Darkness, Take My Hand

Set almost an year after A Drink Before War, this book narrates how Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro solves an interesting case. Eric Gault contacts Patrick for Diandra Warren, a psychiatrist. Recently, during the counseling session with a walk-in patient Moira Kenzie, she is aware of the murder committed by Kevin Hurlihy. Following this incident, Diandra receives an photograph her son on mail which she interprets as a death threat.

Kevin grew up in Patrick’s and Angela’s neighborhood. Now, he is working as the muscleman for the local Mafia boss named Jack Rouse. With the help of Bubba, Patrick and Angela sets up a meeting with Kevin and Jack through Fat Freddy Constantine, the godfather of Boston Mafia. During the meeting, Kevin and Jack are ruled out as suspects.

Patrick is intrigued by the Kenzie surname used by Moira as he does not have any relative fitting Moira’s description. To add to the mystery, Moira has disappeared and all the contact information provided by her leads to a dead end. When Patrick and Angela get involved, dead bodies pop up all over the place indicating the work of deranged mind. Is a serial killer on the lurk?

Dennis Lehane follows up the Kenzie-Gennaro saga with a gripping novel which is hard to put down. The best part of the book is how Patrick and Angela stumbles on clues. While reading the book, you constantly wonder how this book falls in the premise of the previous novel. If the villain is a serial killer, then it could be a separate novel and should not belong in the Kenzie-Gennaro series. The answers are right there in the novel. Like the earlier works, this novel is dark and deals with gruesome murders. If you have trouble reading these on paper, then stay away.

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  1. dennis lehance: never read any of his works. this one sounds good for a start. added in q..

  2. ok i will stay away fm this :) thanks buddy

  3. @Harish - Mystic River and Shutter Island were adapted from his novels.

    @Ramesh - :)


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