Two leadership styles

Picture 455 A football fan told me about the rivalry between the fans of the two teams, AC Milan and Inter Milan, when they play against each other. The tour guide told me about the history of the stadium, San Siro stadium, highlighting the care taken in maintenance. The latter event happened during my visit to Milan. Despite all these, what left a lasting impression was the changing rooms for the two teams. It reflects the leadership styles of the respective team owners.

The changing rooms of AC Milan was closed on the day I visited. But the guide explained in detailed description of how it is laid out. She didn't want to disappoint the tourists. AC Milan is owned by Silvio Berlusconi while Inter Milan is owned by Massimo Moratti. In case you are wondering about Berlusconi connection, yes he is the Italian prime minister.

The changing room for AC Milan is characterized by red color. One look at their jersey and you will figure out why. There is a place marked for each team member. Berlusconi believes each team member has a unique place in the team.

The changing room of Inter Milan is devoid of any striking color. The seats are plain white. There is no specific seat for any player. Moratti believes a team is like a family and hence there should not be a differentiation.

Here, both the owners are trying to make the team members to blend in. But how they achieve is a derivative of their philosophy. There are lessons to be learnt from both. But, what would you choose? Would you pick one of these or something entirely different?

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  1. I loved the concept followed by AC Milan .Sounds more organized , colorful and corporate.This style reflects that how important personalization and the sense of belonging is to them.

  2. both looks cool to me!

  3. I would think Inter Milan philosophy is the way to be. One team, one family. But then it is a competitive world and so much money. A different world from ours.

  4. @Kavita, @Radha - Both styles are effective if you take into consideration the trophies displayed in the Stadium. Thank you for letting me know your choices.

    @JoshiDaniel - Difficult to choose a style? :)

    @PestoSauce - Are they? I am not a sports fan.


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