la rentrée

Last month, I blogged about the month of August in Paris. Parisians are on vacation during this month. Vacations are good. Like all good things, it comes with an expiry date. This forms the basis of the latest French lesson.

In the last week of August or the first week of September depending on how a Parisian likes to cling on to good things, the vacation ends. The Parisians, who went away, now returns home. After having returned home, they all have to resume working. For others, the schools open for the new academic year. This period is called "la rentrée".

"la rentrée" is marked with crowds everywhere. Suddenly, the metros are crowded. Earlier, you could travel without any hassles. Now, there are more trains but also more people. The lines are longer at the office cafeteria but also more choices. There are more movies at the nearest cinema but the tickets get sold out faster. You wait longer at the restaurant or fast food joint because they are more people.

If you think getting a place is the hardest thing, wait. Wait for that email at work you have nearly forgotten. You get a reminder from your colleague who has travelled around the world doing exciting things before coming to rejoin work. He has more energy than you. He may also seem more perseverant than you.

That reminds me. I need to get back to work!


  1. Happy la rentree!By the way do you prefer last week of August or first week of Sep?

  2. @Hariharan - :) Merci. I didn't go on vacation this year. But given a choice, I opt for last week of August. This makes me suited and booted for the work on the first week of September. A guy has to earn and feed many stomach. No? :)

  3. Ha Ha Haha, "A guy has to earn and feed many stomach", sounds really funny.


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