Pappettan impresses the French with his conversational skills

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Pappettan: Last week, I had a very long and interesting conversation with my colleagues.

Me: *uninterested*

Pappettan: We talked in French all the time.

Me: *smirks* In French?

Pappettan: Yeah. It is so easy.

Me: *still unconvinced*

Pappettan: They were very happy when they left.

Me: *narrowing eyes in disbelief*

Pappettan: We agreed on everything. Everyone was happy at the end of the conversation.

Me: *sits straight and suddenly interested to know more*

Pappettan: It is very easy. You just have to say d'accord when they pause.

Foot note: Pappettan advises to be creative while ending the magic word d'accord. Put some emotion in it. Keep it short at times, stretch it out to last longer at times etc.

In case you do not know "d'accord", please use Google Translate to find out more.