Pappettan insists on "yes" when in doubt

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Last Saturday, Pappettan and me were showing off our rapidly increasing proficiency in French in front of Pappettan's beautiful friend.

Me: je voudrais parlez Francaise avec vous.

Pappettan: pas possible maintenant.

Pappettan's Beautiful Friend: *amused by the proceedings and smiles at us*

Me: voulez-vous aller manger avec moi ce soir?

Pappettan: possible

Pappettan's Beautiful Friend: *turns to me, gives a lopsided yet beautiful smile* voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Me: *frozen as I have no idea what "coucher" means. confused on what to say*

Pappettan: *unaffected*

Pappettan's Beautiful Friend: *smile widening*

Me: *looks helplessly at Pappettan*

Pappettan: *confidently* Say "Oui".

Pappettan's Beautiful Friend: *still smiling at our interaction*

Me: *to Pappettan* What is the meaning of "coucher"?

Pappettan: *shrugs* Who knows? You say "Oui". Figure it out as it comes.

Me: *turns to Pappettan's beautiful friend*. I will go for a "may be".

Pappettan's Beautiful Friend: *chuckling*

Then, she tells us the meaning of "coucher". I don't get a second chance at this game!

By now, you would have either figured out the meaning using Google Translate or already knew about the famous song. Here is my advice to you from this disastrous event. If you are learning a new language and a beautiful girl asks you a question in an extremely friendly circumstance, follow Pappettan's advice. Say "yes" and figure out the rest later.


  1. Nice post! I have tried learning french and I could understand this conversation here and there. Not coucher though :)

  2. Ne dites bonjour à Pappetan de moi. J'ai utilisé Google traducteur pour écrire ce commentaire.:-)

  3. @Harsha - I think you are in my situation. I tried learning French too. But not "coucher" though. :)

    @Sudhagee -Oui. Yes, I will. I am staying away from Google Translate to increase the proficiency in the language. But I will pass the message. :)


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