Pappettan whistles

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

I was standing outside a restaurant on Rue Didot with Pappettan talking about things we love to talk about; namely nothing. It was a cold dark night. During our conversation, we observed two women walking towards us. When they were about to cross us, Pappettan whistled. It was a loud whistle; a whistle that goes from lower note to higher note gradually while alternating between lower & upper notes playfully as it climbs high.

I was shocked and offended at the same time. I did not expect him to whistle and hence the shock. I was offended because he had pulled the hood of the jacket over his head to cover his face while my face was exposed. Strangely, I was also impressed because I do not know how to whistle. I tried to learn this art in the past. All attempts ended up the same way, in failure. Even art of learning is also a skill, which I lacked.

So, The girls ignored us and passed by. When they were out of earshot, the following is what happened.

Me: *raises eyebrows*

Pappettan: *shrugs*

Me: *still with raised eyebrows, waiting for an explanation*

Pappettan: I did the right thing.

Me: *eyebrows hurting but still raises it higher*

Pappettan: Look at those girls. Imagine how much time they would have spent before the mirror. We should appreciate their efforts... the least we can do. Exactly what I did right now.

There is no argument against this line of reasoning. I do agree. Beauty has to be appreciated. We all know it by now. Also, any efforts undertaken to enhance beauty also has to be appreciated!


  1. hmm eyebrows raised indeed chetaa:)

  2. Lol.. Seems Pappettan is a generous soul..

  3. Nona, maybe you should think of writing a book called "Pappetan says..."

  4. @SudhaGee - :) You picked the same topic I was discussing with Pappettan. Caught in a flight of fantasy, I was talking about a book deal with Pappettan as subject. Like they say, you don't have to pay taxes to dream. ;)

  5. if i do the same... i'd have a size 7 stamp of a local variety shoe brand on my cheek and my forehead... :P

    If only girls were as simple as u... made me smile though :)...

    Take care and keep writing...

  6. @Thousif - Thanks for dropping by. Only Pappettan can perform these feats and come out alive!

    Btw, I am not a girl. I am a guy. :)

  7. i am sorry yaar... my mistake... :) hope u keep having more with him :)

    Take care and keep writing.......


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