Popular choice and an alternative to learn French

Get a girlfriend who is French and you will learn French. Popular advice for the fresh-off-the-boat crowd in France! Although this sounds like a simple plan, the hardest part of this approach is the getting-a-girlfriend part. I believe in the power of a good teacher who can inspire and motivate you to learn. But can a girlfriend be a good teacher? All the relationship stories I have heard so far is about the boyfriend prevailing at the end!

Leaving aside my skepticism, this is also a tricky situation. Consider the reality. To get a girlfriend who is French, you need to learn French. Now, consider the advice. To learn French, get a girlfriend who speaks French. Never the twain shall meet? Yet, there are people who make this happen. Now, my idea is not to inspire you to get a girlfriend, instead to provide a workaround for this tricky situation. If you are struggling between getting-a-girlfriend and learning French, there is an even simpler way. Michel Thomas.

I have to thank Pappettan for introducing me to this option. I have been living in this country for an year. (Yes! Another 20 days and it is our - Paris and me - anniversary). Thanks to the inbuilt laziness, I have never gone beyond the "how are you?", "see you soon", "thank you" etc. Here comes the superhero and I am writing extremely simple sentences without using Google Translate.


  1. catch 22 situation :)

    and i thought to learn a language on muse learn the abuses first, the rest follows

  2. @Sujatha - :)The rest follows? People will beat you black and blue.. That is what follows. :p

    Catch 22 situation... Life isn't fair?

  3. Interesting article... what caught my eye was the fact that you were talking about French.. a language that I want to learn... will check out Michael Thomas as other option is quite a challenge...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  4. @Shashi - he he he. The other option is quite a challenge. Michel Thomas is the easiest way out. ;)

  5. Nice :-). I did learn french at school. Nice read :-)


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