What brings Pappettan to Paris?

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

So, I was at an inconspicuous bar near Opera with Pappettan. We might have been there for an hour and more. By this time, Pappettan had metamorphed into James Bond; exuding charm, surrounded by beautiful women, minus the guns, minus the tuxedo... Oh well, minus a lot of things. But who cares? He was best thing closest to James Bond in the whole bar.

That is when somebody asks him the question.

Somebody: What brings you to Paris?

Pappettan: *Raising shoulder and extending arms in an European shrug as if the answer is obvious*

Somebody: *waits anxiously for the answer during the theatrics*

Pappettan: *completes the shrug* "FASHION"

Somebody: *Smiling but eyes narrowing in disbelief*

Rest of the crowd except me: *Impressed because Paris is the capital of fashion*

Me: *ready to fall on Pappettan's feet*

Somebody: *still smiling and disbelieving*

Pappettan: "When in Rome, do as the Romanians do." *Yet another quote from Pappettan*


  1. Lol.. That one was a thunderbolt.. :D

  2. NC ... looks like its time you accidentally misplaced his passport ... ;) What will you do when pappettan leaves the country? =-O

  3. @Laks - Here is a surprise for you. Pappettan has 2 passports. Yes, he is "also" an Indian citizen. Surprised? No?

  4. Ooh ! I think I love Pappettan.

    BTW, I just about manged to pick myself off the floor and type this comment. I was laughing so hard.:-)

  5. @Sudhagee - he he. One more fan for Pappettan! :)

  6. Pappettan is going to rock Paris :O

  7. @Sujatha - He is already rocking Paris. ;)

  8. hilarious, waiting for more from Papettan!


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