Pappettan meets a Guru-ji

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Pappettan goes for a party in Zurich, Switzerland. There, he meets a fellow Indian. The fellow Indian takes Pappettan to a Guru-ji (Guru + -ji). who is also attending the party. Guru-ji acts like a wise man, speaks softly and exchanges pleasantries with Pappettan. Pappettan, like a gentleman that he is, answers politely. All of a sudden, Guru-ji takes a piece of paper, writes down something on it, folds the paper and gives it to Pappettan. Pappettan is intrigued by this. But he accepts the piece of paper.

Guru-ji: Tell me the name of a flower

Pappettan: *confused, looks eagerly at Guruji for an explanation*

Guru-ji: *silently waits for an answer*

Pappettan: *thinks hard and then* Lotus

Guru-ji: *disappointed, shakes his head* Tell me the name of a garden flower.

Pappettan: *thinks harder, unable to think of anything and then* Rose...

Guru-ji: *smiles* Now, look at the piece of paper

Pappettan unfolds the piece of paper and finds "Rose" scribbled on it. Then, Pappettan suppresses a smile and acts impressed.

Fellow Indian: *intervenes* Now, give dakshina for Guru-ji

Pappettan: * reaches the pocket to take one Swiss Franc but keeps up the pretense*  How much is the dakshina?

Fellow Indian: Hundred and One.

Pappettan: *suppresses laughter and then* Please accept one Swiss Franc. I don't have the hundred.

Fellow Indian happily accepts the dakshina for the Guru-ji.


  1. I am still confused... why did Pappettan laugh on seeing "rose" on the paper??

  2. @Madhulika - Guru-ji is a fake. If you ask for a garden flower, we always end up thinking of a rose. This does not require any intuitive capabilities. Moreover, Pappettan is intelligent enough to figure out that he is being taken for a ride. Even after knowing this, Pappettan plays along.

  3. hehhe heard of 'no change' but...'no note' :)
    serves the guruji right


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