Pappettan raises questions about makeup

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

I am traveling with Pappettan on the Metro. The train is crowded. We are all standing as there is no place to sit. The crowd thickens after each stop. We are all breathing into each other's face. All of a sudden the woman, standing close to Pappettan, takes out her makeup kit and goes on to apply makeup on her face. Pappettan is curious.

Pappettan: Going somewhere?

Woman: *surprised*

Pappettan: *smiles and repeats the questions* Going somewhere?

Woman: *shakes her head* No

Pappettan: *smiles* Really?

Woman: I'm going home.

Pappettan: If you are going home, then why do you need makeup?


  1. @Pesto Sauce - Having read your blogs, your comment is not very surprising. ;)

  2. What did she reply to the last question? i am curious

  3. @Tomz - She smiled. She didn't say anything.

  4. Sensible question.. But he should have also asked who's home she is going.

  5. use of wit Pappettan :D

  6. dude your man crush pappetan is a dick to disturb the poor woman


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