Chinese New Year Parade in Paris, 2012

Though Chinese New Year was on January 23rd 2012, the parade in Paris was scheduled on January 29th 2012. The starting point of the parade was 44 Avenue d'Ivry and the time was 1330 hrs. But the parade started a bit late at 1400 hrs. It was a cold day. I wish it was warmer. If it were, there was no need to wear gloves which in turn results in easier control on the camera.

Everyone who had a camera had descended on this street. It was difficult to get a good shot of anything. When you get ready to shoot something, somebody steps directly in front of your camera and ruins the shot. But then there are painted human dolls who are shy to pose in front of the camera. They turn their face away. Then there are angels who love to pose in front of the camera. The latter category makes it worthwhile to take pictures.

You can find the glimpses of the parade by playing the embedded video.


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