Photos: An angel with braces

The passersby would jump in front of these girls to take a picture often using these colorfully attired girls as the backdrop. When the girl in the photograph noticed a woman trying to pose in front of other girls, she moved in closer to the woman to be in the frame in order to make it a better picture. All of the photographers took our  cameras out to capture this impromptu gesture. Many of us weren't quick enough to. When she saw our encouraging gestures and frenzy to capture the moment, there was embarrassment on her face which quickly turned into a shy smile. Luckily, I was able to capture the smile.

This was taken during the Chinese New Year Parade in Paris.

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  1. And another one in glasses :-) Enjoying this series of yours, Nona.

    1. Now that you say it, there were a lot of young girl sporting glasses. In fact, I took a picture of one girl just because I found the glasses a bit different from the others

  2. The story makes the picture better!

  3. Lucky you who got to capture their smile, very beautifully captured ..


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