The good boy gets the best deal

A month ago, I wrote about the good boy. To be honest, I never thought I would come across another good boy story when I wrote that post. We never notice but good boys are everywhere. This one is not so dramatic as the previous one. Nevertheless, this is worthy of writing. If you live in Paris, you come across men who comes inside a restaurant to sell flowers to the diners. Most of them are from South East Asia. Don't get ahead of me. The good boy is not a flower seller. Listen to this.

So the good boy from India is standing outside the pub to get a breath of fresh air while all his friends are waiting inside. A flower seller comes by and the good boy starts a conversation. The flower seller is from Bangladesh and the business is bad that night. The good boy feel sorry for the flower seller. At the same time, he believes he may be able to help.

He notices a beautiful woman standing nearby. He walks over to her with the flower seller. The good boy tells the beautiful woman the story of the flower seller. The woman is confused as to what the good boy wants. Then he says, "I want to help him. So, I am getting you a flower". The woman smiles and places her hand on his elbow and asks the flower seller, "What is the price of the flower". "2 Euros", the flower seller replies. Immediately, the woman says, "I will take the flower if you sell it for 1 Euro". The flower seller agrees.

It is just like what your elders taught you. If you do good things, good things will happen to you.


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