NYE 2012

When the clock stuck 12 last year in Paris welcoming 2011, I was in a brightly lit tunnel with scores of strangers. A few seconds earlier, all of us were frustrated. We had planned to stare at Tour Eiffel when the new year arrived. Instead all of us were stuck in a metro station with cops regulating the traffic in and out of the station. All of us chose to ignore the surroundings and make the most of it.

Having learnt from last year's experience, I started earlier and reached Trocadero just in time. The trains and train station were both overcrowded. Drunken merriment is always associated with NYE. What surprised me was there were a lot of parents with kids (of all ages; some in prams) heading to the same destination. Call me a bore. But this is not the place I would like to take my kid on a NYE; at least till the time she is old enough.

The disappointing factor of the whole evening was the lack of fireworks. I have been here during the Bastille Day. The fireworks were beautiful. Everyone was staring at Tour Eiffel and it promptly wear it's glittering jacket for a minute or so. That was it. This time, the sale of firecrackers were forbidden. Despite this, some adventurers were able to do the impossible.

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  1. lucky to watch it !
    wonderful snap !


  2. @Deepak Karthik - Thanks. Happy New Year. Believe me, other than Tour Eiffel there was nothing to watch

  3. Wish you all the best the coming year. Hoping to be reading your blogs and watching out for those great photos..

  4. @Dominic - Happy New Year. :) Thank you.

  5. It is very beautiful.
    Happy New Year!

  6. @Rama - Thanks. Wish you the same.

  7. @The Floating Clouds - Not as much fun as the Bastille day.


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