Pappettan speaks about success

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

During the course of conversation, Pappettan spoke in length about success. He was an introspective mood. Everyone has a say on how to achieve success. That is the case with Pappettan too. According to Pappettan, there are two ways to achieve success.

The first is old fashioned way, what has been instilled on us from an early age. Hard work. If you have the capability, then this becomes easy. Otherwise, you strive towards achieving the capability. You demonstrate your capabilities and eventually arrive at your ultimate goal. If you are determined, you will achieve success at the end.

The second is the unconventional way. This has never been shared by your parents during your growing up years. In this path, you look for a fast moving vehicle in terms of success. You board it. Travel till you have reached your destination where you get off the vehicle quickly and quietly.


  1. Success depends on ones perspective. What is Success to you? Is it wealth, health, relationship, happiness, peace of mind, spirituality, career? My CEO is very wealthy. but does not have good health nor relationships.
    My Gym Instructor is very healthy, but struggles to meet ends meet. It is very difficult to be successful in all of these. It’s a balancing act and you can only focus so much energy and time to each of these. So ask yourself what is Success to you? what is your priority? and what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

  2. @Anonymous - I couldn't help smiling reading about your CEO and your gym instructor.

    For me, success is combination of everything you said. Leave aside the spirituality part. It is too complex for me. If you want to choose one of those, then it is "happiness". I think this is most important and the rest have to be achieved before you reach the happiness stage.

  3. If you want to choose one of those, then it is "happiness".i agree with this..nona bhai...i always tel my friends the same..any crisis, any challenges..the winner is not the one who has been declared winner, but one who keeps his smile intact..what say buddy?

  4. @Ramesh - Same pinch. And by looking at your smiling pics, I think you are a winner. ;_


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