Photos: Avengers, the French Election edition

This is a poster of Avengers that I came across while strolling the 13th arrondissement. Look closely, you will see Tony Stark's face is pasted with Hollande's poster. Now, look at the arms where repulsor rays are fired. There is another poster of Hollande giving the illusion that Hollande is the repulsor ray. If I could do the picture again, I would do a better composition which show how high this poster is. Then, you can also visualize the determined Hollande fan who climbed up to stick these posters on top of the orginal Avengers poster.

By the way, I have some answers on the Cabellera and Mascara terms used in the earlier picture I posted. In wrestling, the fighters adopt outrageous names for illusion of ferocity. They use masks and long hairs. Cabellera is long hair. Sarkozy has more hair when compared to Hollande. You can compare their pictures to understand the pun. Hollande has a mask because some people accuses him to be pretending to have a solution whereas in reality he doesn't!


  1. Ha ha ! I just about understand the complicated French elections and haven't seen The Avengers yet. But any spoof is welcome, isn't it? :-D

    1. he he he. It is not exactly a spoof. :p

  2. lol again!!!!! Oh mother!!!


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