Pappettan on Billa 2

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Pappettan made it to the premiere show of Billa 2 on time. Seemingly a non-significant sentence at first glance for a casual reader, but the two words in it makes a world of difference. Those words are on and time. After the show, we had a tete-e-tete about the movie as the French would love to put it.

Pappettan: Why is it called Billa 2 the beginning?

Me: It is a prequel. So this shows how Billa became the dangerous criminal that he is in the first part.

Pappettan: Nonsense!

Me: *confused* the movie?

Pappettan: The beginning. This is no beginning.

Me: *still confused*

Pappettan: He kills the drug supplier. Then he kills the arms supplier. What non-sense!

Me: *wondering where this is leading to*

Pappettan: Without these people, how is going to survive let alone become a powerful criminal?

Me: *begins to see the logic and pursues that line of thinking*

Pappettan: this is no beginning. This is the end!

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  1. That is an insightful comment :D

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  3. Yikes...and then? Arghh...i want a line more.
    "This is the end"--is a power-packed sentence, Nona.But, I am lovin this pappettan :)
    And I loved the video on the side-bar:D

    1. :) So, I have one more Pappettan fan. Thank you.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes. Pappettan is smart, quick and what not! :)

  5. i just lurveee Pappettan !!! very smart

    1. :) I agree with you on the "smart" part

  6. Papppettan is soooooooo logical :-)


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