Pappettan is baffled by western style of education

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I was at a local restaurant with a group of friends along with Pappettan. It was a relaxing evening. In the first few minutes, all of us knew the evening was going to be unusually long. So, everyone was surprised when one person stood up with the intention of leaving early. Papettan, always an inquisitive mind, couldn't resist.

Pappettan: Why are you leaving early? It is Friday evening. You don't have to work tomorrow.

One Person: I have to go to school tomorrow.

Pappettan: *with a sly smile* Aren't you too old for that?

One Person: I'm taking my kid to school. The school reopens on Monday.

Pappettan: *surprised* If the school reopens on Monday, why do you have to take your kid tomorrow to school?

One Person: That is how it works here. They call the kids and parents to school to break the news.

Pappettan: News?

One Person: Yes. The news of the vacation being over.

Pappettan: *confused* You have a separate meeting to inform the school reopening to the kids?

One Person: Yes! That is how it works here.

There is a big pause. Pappettan thinks for a long time before he starts talking again.

Pappettan: We work differently. We wake them up in the morning and asks them to school.

One Person: What if the child is not prepared?

Pappettan: Try the traditional method. Spanking!

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