Books: The Fifth Woman

When the news of the murder of q Swedish woman in Africa reaches her next of kin, the pent up anger erupts destroying the mental equilibrium. This results in the murdered on murdered woman's next of kin on a vengeance killing men in a grotesque fashion. These gruesome murders are definitely a work of serial killer. But the victims are not connected to each other. This throws Wallander and his team on a search based on confusing details. In order to find the killer, the police has to find the connection between the victims. As usual, the time is running out.

In the sixth book of the Wallander series, Henning Mankell does what he is good at. He reveals a bit of unbalanced mind while he reveals a lot about the investigative technique. The resources are limited but the distance to be covered is quite a lot. Yet, human spirit triumphs ultimately. Another thing which is prominent in this book is the social commentary with respect to Sweden. The times are changing. Is this the time for a leaner police force? Are the citizens justified in forming militia? Does the police force have to evolve to fight a different brand of criminals?

The murder investigation combined with the social commentary makes this a compelling read. Keep in mind this is a series. If you haven't read the previous ones, this is not the right book to pick it up. Otherwise, go for it.

The earlier titles in this series are

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