Pappettan on lottery

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One evening while returning from Paris, Pappettan went into a reverie. It was late in the night and cold air was blowing into our faces. I kept silent. Fortunately, the status-quo didn't last for long. Suddenly, he started talking.

Pappettan: What kind of life is this?

Me: *nods sympathetically as I already sense a blogpost*

Pappettan: If I had lots of money, then I would go on a world tour... and take a lot of pictures.

Me: *still nodding and mentally noting down what is happening*

Pappettan: I wish I win the lottery.

Me: *silently nodding*

Pappettan: Lottery! That is the only way out.

Me: *realizing it is time to say something* I will pray you win the lottery.

Both of us go silent for a short while. Then...

Pappettan: But there is a problem!

Me: * turns the face away from Pappettan and rolls my eyes*

Pappettan: In order to win the lottery, I have to buy a ticket. That...I never do.

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  1. good luck ! hope Pappettan wins the lottery whenever he buys one :)

    1. Yes. Thanks. I wish him the same for a selfish reason. He has promised to sponsor my tickets too for the world trip if he wins a lottery. ;)


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