Books: One Step Behind

Wallander is back. This time, he is again trying to prevent a deranged mind from committing murders. There are a group of youngsters who are reported missing. One parent suspects the worst has happened to her daughter. The police cannot officially proceed as this is a man missing case without any evidence of foul play. To make matters worse, Wallander's associate Svedberg is found in his apartment, brutally murdered. Are these two apparently unrelated incidents linked?

Henning Mankell is here with the next installment in the Wallander series. In tune with the confusing times where the old guard is being replaced by new, both in terms of generation and also in policies & procedures. Mankell adds more drama by adding another factor, Wallander's health. He is lonely and aging. To make matters complicated, Wallander is diabetic too. But does he slow down and take care of himself? No, he has to act fast before the killer strikes again. How do you uncover the mystery when the killer is so meticulous in not even leaving a fingerprint or tiniest bit of clue for the modern scientific methods? Fortunately, no crime is perfect and Wallander is more patient and meticulous than the criminals.

As a reader, we are aware more about the killer than Wallander. But how does Wallander solve the mystery with the limited resources available to him? That is the pure pleasure of reading Mankell. Also, the underlying    theme of changes in politics and society adds to the pleasure of reading. There are good people who are determined to stop crime. But it is not easy being them. That is the message of the series.

It is for you if you love mysteries. I advice you to follow the series as how it was written. It is the best way to read. For the earlier titles in the series, please see below.

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