Books: Running Blind

When Jack Reacher sees a owner of a recently opened Italian restaurant is squeezed by local thugs, he can't help himself from interfering. A resourceful Reacher is able to rough up the goons without putting himself or the restaurant owner at risk. But FBI takes him under arrest as soon as he reaches his home. He is the prime suspect in a string of murders involving army women who had filed sexual harassment complaints. The profile of the killer matches Reacher.

In the fourth book of the series, Lee Child casts Reacher in a role which he has long left behind; the role of an investigator. This time around, Reacher is not working for the military but teamed up with FBI. Like the earlier novels, Lee directly hurls the reader into the vortex of the events without wasting time. With a killer to catch, Reacher is running against time. This helps in building the pace and Lee can handle fast paced action with words. The events might be unbelievable but you are carried away. There are many times the investigation is sidetracked. This is the downside of the plot.

Strictly for Reacher fans.

The other books in the series are.
Killing Floor
Die Trying

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