Pappettan goes for shopping

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

The sales have started in Paris. This is the time when there are people who take RTT(a kind of compensatory leave in a very simplistic terms) to go shopping. They are justified. If you don't make it past the door in the first three days, you don't get anything at all. Like Parisians, Pappettan also was excited about the sales.

Pappettan: I'm leaving work earlier today.

Me: *thinking if he works at all*

Pappettan: The sales are here. I want to get clothes for a baby.

Me: *shocked and waiting for a bomb*

Pappettan: My cousin is pregnant and I would like to buy clothes for her baby.

Me: *disappointed as the news is not a bomb* When is the baby expected?

Pappettan: It is too early. It is not yet time to find out the gender.

Me: *surprised* How are you going to buy the clothes then? *also thinking about the superstitions about buying clothes before the baby is born*

Pappettan: Well, I am going to get whatever I like in white.

Me: *confused as I think it is yellow when the gender is not known*

Pappettan: *after a brief pause* What the hell! Even if the baby is boy, he can wear pink if I get him pink. What right has he to complain? He is only a baby!



  1. hehehe.. reminds me of "Munnabhai Circuit" jokes..
    Just stumbled across your blog. Looking to read more Paapettan posts.

    1. :) Yes, these are tidbits from real life. Names changed and a bit of drama added. You are always welcome in this space.

  2. LOL ! I can imagine the baby giving dirty looks to Pappettan :)

    1. :) I think the baby will give dirty looks after years...when he finds the picture in which he is dressed in pink and also comes to know it is all because of Pappettan.


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