Pappettan talks about sitting opposite a beautiful woman

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On a quiet evening, Pappettan broke away from his reverie and asked me a weird question.

Pappettan: What are the advantages of sitting opposite a beautiful woman?

Me: *grinning* Sitting opposite in a public place? If that is the question, my answer is... Time flies.

Pappettan: Well, more like sitting opposite a beautiful woman at work.

Me: *thinking hard* I never had an opportunity. So this is an hypothetical question...

Pappettan: *silent and waiting for my answer*

Me: *thinking hard* Difficult to work?

Pappettan: *silent treatment*

Me: Well, it helps to forget worries? Like an adrenalin shot when things are down?

Pappettan: *fed up with my lame answers* You make a lot of new friends.

Me: *surprised* How?

Pappettan: Earlier in my workplace, there was a beautiful woman sitting opposite to me. In that office, a lot of men said hello and started a conversation with me everywhere... near the coffee machine, in the corridor...

Me: *interested as this seems to be a good story*

Pappettan: Then, they would turn up at my desk to say hello. This continued for a couple of days. Third day onwards, they would drop in and say hello to the girl sitting opposite me.

Me: *suppressing my smile*

Pappettan: *sighs* Yes, I was used! *after a pause* But still you make a lot of new friends.

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