Pappettan goes to marathon

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Pappettan, although athletic, has not participated in a marathon yet. This week, he was in Paris to watch Marathon de Paris. I was with him. Pappettan was impressed.

Pappettan: *excited* This is incredible.

Me: hmmmm....

Pappettan: These guys have amazing stamina.

Me: *confused because that is a key factor for this event*

Pappettan: *silently contemplating*

Me: *interested as I sense a pearl of profound wisdom emanating from him any time now*

Pappettan: You know what?

Me: *hides my smile and looks at him*

Pappettan: When the world ends, these guys can run to safety. I should start preparing for marathon so that I am prepared for the end of the world.You should also do the same.



  1. haaaa... frankly speaking, few days back i thought for participating in marathon next yr. and i am preparing for it. I just came from my practice to see this post. really funny

    1. Best wishes for you in the marathon. :) It is a good energy booster. On the lighter side, you also learn to run when the world ends. ;)


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