Pappettan mulls over an arrangement

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

The other day, I found Pappettan sitting still for minutes staring at his mobile. It was evident something on his mobile was disturbing him. Upon approaching him, I found out he was staring at a SMS. Why was a SMS causing pain? I decided to find out.

Me: What happened?

Pappettan: I do not understand this SMS.

Me: *cautiously* Would you like to tell me what it is...

Pappettan: *thrusting the screen on my face* Take a look it.

The SMS was a simple sentence. "If you are free tomorrow at 19h30, would you like to arrange me"

Pappettan: *helplessly* I do not understand what she wants.

At this point, what am I supposed to think? There may be many possibilities. But I take the route of suspicion. It is a woman who is asking if Pappettan is free after 7:30 pm. I agree it is outside the infamous cinq-et-sept hours. Still, a romantic interlude cannot overridden. Am I going fast? Are you still stuck at cinq-et-sept? Please use your imagination. Otherwise, you may feel free to use wikipedia. Google is not adviced as it leads to a lot of unwanted searches. Of course, I searched for the phrase in order to make sure you land in the right places.

If you were me looking at Pappettan, then you would also have noticed the innocent helplessness on his face. It didn't take long to convince me there was deeper mystery behind the SMS. An inquisitive me decided to dig deeper to unearth the reality.

Me: Tell me how did you get the SMS.

Pappettan: I had booked a room in AirBnB for my friends. She sent me this SMS.

Me: *thinking hard* Does she speak English?

Pappettan: Very little. She is French.

Me: *thinking even harder* When are you occupying the room?

Pappettan: Day after tommorrow by noon.

Me: *thinking really hard for an eternity and then exclaims* Got it!

Pappettan: *irrittated* What?

Me: *feeling like Sherlock Holmes and even tries to imitate Sherlock Holmes with an imaginary pipe* She is asking you to pick up the keys after 19h30. She is asking to arrange a meeting.

Pappettan: *in a confused loud tone* What???!!

Me: She might have accidentally hit the send the button before typing the word "meeting". That is why it came out as "arrange me". Do not look for grammar and syntax in it. You already said she is French and knows little English only!

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  1. haha! Now you are not less than Sherlock Holmes.

    1. For once, I could figure it out. ;)

  2. :D the send buttons of mobile phones misfire many a times .. better the keypad be locked ;)

    1. he he. Good suggestion but will not work in this case. The sender was typing the reply while accidentally clicking the send button. If you keep the keypad locked, how will the sender type the message. :D

  3. :D
    Wow! Not bad. :)
    The next time I get a weird text msg, I don't understand, I'm going to ask you to decipher it. :)

    1. he he. Now I have a new job? SMS translator? :)

  4. Good one. I've also got half written sms messages many a time for which I spent quite a long time trying to decipher what it meant.

    1. Isn't it a waste of time for everyone? :)

  5. hahha :) Good one Sherlock Holmes :P It happens so often when you send a text accidently before finishing it. Good if the other person understands , and if not, all possible meanings could be interpreted. Dangerous!! haha

    1. Well, I have had cases where the sender has wrongly sent SMS to me. It was a romantic one but I didn't actually need that SMS. ;)


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